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Soups du Jour

April 17, 2015 Behind the Camera

What an amazing day in the studio! Today we brought our concepts of three different kinds of soup to life. We got creative using random things from around the house and kitchen. A dash of pepper here, a dollop of creme fraiche there, and some sprinkles of herbs made for wonderful toppings and garnishes. How many chefs would be offended to know that the tomato soup was actually marinara sauce?! Since no was actually eating the soup, all that mattered was how it looked in the photograph… and we thought it looked great! The others were actual soups and could be consumed, however, we did not cook anything, nor did we consider how cilantro might taste on butternut squash soup. What other crazy concoctions will we come up with next!!??

x   Ashley

P.S. Have to give a shoutout to Fortinos in Stoney Creek! I was definitely wowed when we went in! It’s an amazing grocery store, and I was in awe of all the gorgeous gourmet food.


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